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  • Bimonthly LIVE trainings with Roger

  • A growing library of Financial Basics training

  • A growing library of checklists and decision-trees

  • Access to replays of all past RRC workshops and classes

  • A Monthly Action Plan designed to guide you in having the right little conversations

  • Access to the Rock Retirement Clubhouse, a private online network where you can interact with Roger and other RRC members



Everything included in the monthly plan, plus:

  • Ability to schedule weekly private office hours with Roger

  • Your own copy of Roger’s book Rock Retirement

  • Savings of more than $140 a year over the month-to-month plan (that’s like getting 3 months free!)

  • The RRC podcast app, allowing you to access all trainings and meet-ups as a podcast

  • RRC t-shirt

  • RRC journal

  • Free invitation to the annual Retirement Rodeo Roundup in Fort Worth


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Here’s what our members have to say…


The RRC has helped me realize that there is more to this whole retirement thing than I thought. Good thing I found this group to help with the pitfalls!


The RRC is only getting started, but the value of a forum where folks can walk their journeys to retirement together is already obviously clear. The interaction with others who are all facing similar issues related to retirement is refreshing and helps ease the anxiety on the transition into retirement.

Fritz Gilbert, the retirement manifesto

My experience with the RRC has exceeded my expectations…a community of like-minded people with a platform for exchanging ideas/experiences/learnings/etc. and with content and leadership provided by our guru, Roger.


I decided to join RRC because we're younger retirees (LifeInFIRE), and we love learning. The club members have so much real life experience to share, are so positive and friendly, and to be honest, these discussions do not happen with people in everyday life. I truly value being part of RRC and can't wait for more members to share with.


What I love about RRC is the community of like-minded souls who are 1000% aligned to making this season of life the most intentional and fulfilling. You are not alone on that journey in the RRC.


I have found a community of fellow travelers, people who are interested in learning about retirement finances and rocking life in retirement. The best part is being able to learn from someone who’s just been where I’m going and to help someone who’s only a step behind me.

RRC Member

Joining the Rock Retirement Club has been such a game changer for us. It's becoming my main resource for retirement planning, questions, and support. If you are looking for a community of people who are in the same phase of life as you and seek knowledge on how to navigate the best path to "Rock Retirement" this is the group for you!


 I'm excited to be part of a community that has similar interests and encourages one another in whatever stage of retirement that we may be in: pre-retirement, ready to retire or post-retirement.


RRCers have already provided me wise input on some of the choices I am facing as I approach retirement.


RRC is an amazing group of savvy yet friendly people! An easily accessible resource on retirement topics for all knowledge levels! 


RRC provides an exciting forum for like-minded folks who want to help one another maximize their retirement experience. While each of us is on a little different part of the journey, we can learn a lot from each other. And Roger adds his great guidance and advice along the way. A very good investment of my time and money!


As I retired last year at 52, logic told me my “numbers” would work. But when to retire is more than just numbers. With the support of fellow RRCers, I’ve realized that I’m not crazy for wanting to start this retirement adventure as soon as I could!

RV Traveler

I have found the Rock Retirement Club to be a valuable community of like-minded and reflective individuals who are interested in making the most of their retirement years. Folks participating in the Club share ideas, experiences and knowledge about their aspirations and plans for living well and making thoughtful decisions about how to spend time, money and resources to rock their retirement.



We’re gathering steam!


When you join a community on a similar journey,


DIY financial planning

Be informed.

There are a lot of unknowns in retirement. Embrace the educated guess with professional tools and community collaboration.

best life and retirement

Get inspired.

Learn from retirement rock stars who are a little further ahead of you—and help those who aren’t far behind.

pencil to paper retirement resources

Take action.

Download real pencil-to-paper tools that help identify and clarify your goals.

Retirement answer man listener

Move forward.

Apply the Retirement Answer Man podcasts directly to your life with tools and tips from Roger.

retire on your own terms.png

Ask questions.

You never know what you can get until you ask. Here you’ll get education, perspective, encouragement, and more.


Share experience.

The RRC is a safe, private, like-minded, online community that teaches and learns together.


Do-It-Yourself Retirement
doesn’t have to mean doing it BY yourself.

Education, not advice.

No sales pitches. No chicken dinners. Just the answers to your questions from people on the same path. And from the man who wrote the book on how to Rock Retirement.



Roger Whitney

Roger Whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF®, RMA® is the voice behind The Retirement Answer Man podcast, the brains behind his proprietary Agile Retirement Management™ process, and the face of the Roger That! YouTube channel. For over 25 years, Roger has been helping clients, listeners, readers, and do-it-yourselfers live well and retire better with tools, tips, education, and advice.

The Retirement Answer Man Podcast logo.png


Rock Retirement Club

Roger’s approach to financial planning, and life in general, is in finding answers, inspiration, and education through meaningful conversations. Facilitated by Roger and supported by a private community of like-minded people on a similar journey, the Rock Retirement Club is a source of education, tools, experiences, and connection for those looking to make the best out of the rest of their lives.


Rock Retirement:

A Simple Guide to Help You Take Control
and Be More Optimistic About the Future

Very happy with my decision to join RRC. Simply enabling a safe, secure, respectful environment for like-minded folks to noodle through the opportunities and challenges of retirement has yielded insights and a feeling that I'm not alone. Looking forward to moving forward together.



Meet Your Rock Retirement Club Officers

Roger Whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA®, AIF®

Roger whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA®, AIF®

Club President

Roger has been walking life with clients as a financial advisor for more than 25 years and is the host of the award-winning Retirement Answer Man podcast. He is on a mission to change the way the world thinks about retirement, one little conversation at a time. Roger established the RRC in 2018 to help foster a safe online space for soon-to-be retirees to learn, plan, and interact with other like-minded folks on the path to retirement. As if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he is the author of Rock Retirement: A Simple Guide to Help You Take Control and Be More Optimistic About the Future, a Forbes online contributor, creator of the Agile Financial Planning process and the Retirement Standard of Care, and past instructor of the Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits CFP® certificate program at the University of Texas Arlington and of Wealth Management at Texas Christian University. Investopedia has named him to the Top 100 Most Influential Advisors 2017-2019, and he has brought home Plutus Awards for Best Financial Planner Blog (2019) and Best Retirement Blog (2015 and 2017).

You can chat with him regularly in the Clubhouse, during Meet-Ups, or shoot him a note at

Dream Travel Destination: The next one!

Favorite Quote: “Walk with the wise and become wise.”

A Book to Change Your Thinking About Life Or Retirement: Eeehh, Rock Retirement (Obviously!)

Most Loved Movie: The Greatest Showman


tracy austin

Community Activator

Super organized and super cheerful, Tracy is your go-to person for all things RRC. She has held various accounting roles and has even enjoyed small business ownership, providing services as varied as website design and school bus driving. To top it off, Tracy is a past USA Gymnastics Safety Certified Instructor. Trust us when we say that she can do anything when she puts her mind to it!

Tracy is the coordinator for the RRC calendar, MeetUps, MAPs, replays, book studies, swag mailings, new member name it, she’s got it. We told you she can do anything!

Reach her at

Dream Travel Destination: Australia - there’s just something about meeting those folks down under!

Favorite Quote: “When in doubt, don’t.” -- Benjamin Franklin. It’s saved me a time or two.

A Book to Change Your Thinking About Life Or Retirement: Rock Retirement by Roger Whitney. Nope, I’m not a suck up! It truly opened my eyes to the importance of planning life and not just funds. Little conversations of second half of life’s wants & wishes are happening now.

Most Loved Movie: Captain Marvel has topped them all!


Kevin Lyles a.k.a. Beach Walker, JD; CRPC®, CRC®

Retirement Coach and Head of Education    

Retired lawyer---nationally recognized y’all!---and current retirement guru, Beach Walker serves the RRC by creating robust educational resources, hosting webinars, and sharing his wisdom. He is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and Certified Retirement Coach and specializes in assisting Professionals and Executives as they make retirement transitions. He particularly enjoys helping people with the life side of retirement planning.

Ask the Coach anything at

Dream Travel Destination: I don’t have to dream.  We already live there--Sanibel Island

Favorite Quote: “Success - it’s what you do with what you’ve got.” -Woody Hayes

A Book to Change Your Thinking About Life Or Retirement: Your Happiness Portfolio for Retirement by Marianne T. Oehser

Most Loved Movie: Rocky -- nuff said


Nichole Mills

Sergeant-at-Arms and Awesome Sidekick

Nichole “maintains security and protocol” by creating processes and administering all the software tools necessary to running the Clubhouse. She has held various roles in the financial services industry since 2009, appears regularly on The Retirement Answer Man podcast (perhaps to Roger’s dismay), and also keeps Roger’s calendar (definitely to his dismay). Nichole is happy to help answer any questions about the podcast, 6-Shot Saturday, or working with Roger.

Tell her hi at

Dream Travel Destination: New Zealand

Favorite Quote: “Happiness, not in another place, but this place, not for another hour, but for this hour.” —Walt Whitman

A Book to Change Your Thinking About Life Or Retirement: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl

Most Loved Movie: When Harry Met Sally


Laura Hawk

Clubhouse Design Officer

Rescuing us from the Dark Ages of Comic Sans and clip art, Laura keeps the team looking sharp by creating all the branding and design elements for the Rock Retirement Club and She is a part of the creative team at Monkey Dog Design, and you can check out her awesome design services at

Dream Travel Destination: Backpacking Europe!

Favorite Quote: “How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.” - Annie Dillard

A Book to Change Your Thinking About Life Or Retirement: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

Most Loved Movie: La La Land