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Discovering Your Best REALIFE through the Enneagram - Session 1

We are so excited to have Teresa McCloy as our Guest Contributor in the RRC for the month of June! She is the creator of the REALIFE Process™, a Coach, Speaker, Accredited Enneagram Professional, and hosts 'The Enneagram In Your Realife Podcast.' 

We recommend that you head over to her website and download your free Enneagram Typing Guide to begin determining your possible type & triad before her teaching sessions begin on Tuesday, June 11th! Here is the link to your free resource:

Please refer to the overview and discussion topics Teresa will be teaching us and watch Roger's introduction video, below!

As you paint your retirement masterpiece learning how you think, feel, act, and react invites you to experience life with greater passion and purpose! Together we’ll use the personality tool of the Enneagram to explore your three Centers of Intelligence and the Enneagram Stances to see how you can authentically leverage your wisdom, creativity, and experience to be your best REALSELF as you create your retirement masterpiece!

Session 1: Enneagram Types, Triads, and More - How are you motivated? In session one, we’ll look at an overview of the nine Enneagram Types, Harmony Triads, and the Three Centers of Intelligence.

Session 2:  - You have IQ and EQ - What’s your go to–wisdom or creativity? Your head helps develop plans and strategies, while your heart filters emotions and responses to engage with others. Together in session two, we’ll explore the IQ and EQ Centers of Intelligence.

Session 3: You have GQ / FULL CIRCLE Living - What’s your gut telling you? Experiences in the body offer us valuable information! In this third session we’ll discover the GQ Center of Intelligence and how living in all three centers allow us to live a FULL CIRCLE, or as Roger says “Technicolor” life!

“It’s about taking your wisdom, creativity, and experience producing something unique to you. Something that reflects what you treasure most. I call it the Retirement masterpiece. When you get it right, you have something even more valuable than a painting: You have your life.” Rock Retirement – Roger Whitney (p. 6)

June 11th 7:00-8:00 pm Central